The control system using the buttons on the operation panel, located near the landing doors that are installed on each floor. During the command execution, the system does not respond to calls from other floors until it completes the previous preset command.

Door Safety Switch

Installed on each door of the shaft. If the landing doors are open, the switch stops the movement of the car.

  • SEND AND CALL Buttons
  • Send the dumbwaiter by pressing the button of the designated floor which you wish to send after car and landing door are closed, Call the dumbwaiter by pressing the button of the floor where you are on.

  • POSITION Indicator
  • Lighted on button at all floors indicator the current POSITION of dumbwaiter.

  • The parking key for on or off dumbwaiter

  • Electro mechanical interlock foor al landing doors. No door can be opened if dumbwaiter is not at that particular landing