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  • Fujita Elevator PRO Sunter

    Fujita is a professional Elevator company who design and manufactures complete elevators, escalators and moving walks as well as elevator parts. The company has rich product varieties to satisfy diverse requirement from various users. The product scope covers passenger elevator, observation elevator, bed elevator, freight elevator, both of small machine or machine roomless, residential lift, dumb waiter, escalator and moving walk From design to manufacture, from installation t

  • Proyek of Passenger Elevator at Wisma Atlet Building, Kemayoran Jakarta

    Fujita Elevator has successfully installed a passenger elevator unit in July 2018 at the Wisma Atlet Kemayoran Building, Jakarta. The Passenger elevator brand Fujita is designed according to client requirements, namely there is a special COP for persons with disabilities. Thank you to Wisma Atlet Kemayoran Building, Jakarta, who has trusted the Fujita brand to be able to contribute to this pr

  • Project of Escalator at PT. Matahari Department Store (MDS) Malang

    Fujita Elevator has successfully installed an escalator at PT. Matahari Department Store (MDS) Malang. The installation process is carried out according to the schedule that has been made so that the client is satisfied with the service and product provided. Thank you to PT. Matahari Department Store (MDS) Malang, which has trusted Fujita Elevator t

  • Project of Home Elevator at Joglo Home Cikarang

    Fujita Elevator has installed a home elevator unit located in Joglo Cikarang House, has a 320kg load with a capacity of 4 people and has 2 floors. Installation of home elevators is carried out according to a predetermined schedule, and completed in a timely manner. Thank you to the Joglo Cikarang House for trusting Fujita to be able to complete transportation facilities in your home. Thanks also to the entire Fujita team for working hard and maximally to satisfy the client.

  • Project of Hospital Elevator at RSUD Prof. Dr. Anwar Makatutu Bantaeng, Makasar

    The Fujita Elevator brand has installed elevator hospitals at Prof. RSUD Dr. Anwar Makatutu Bantaeng, Makassar. Hopital Elevator has 8 floors with a load capacity of 1600 kg and a capacity of 21 people. Installation of elevators is carried out according to a predetermined schedule. Clients were satisfied with the results of the installation of the elevator hospital at the RSUD Prof. Dr. Anwar Makatutu Bantaeng, Makassar. Thank you to all the teams who want to work hard on this project.


    In this modern era, the house is the dream of everyone not to mention anyone would want this. However, when we already have an adequate dwelling house and added the number of floors in excess of two floors, is not beautiful when it is still using manual access stairs. FUJITA HOME SERIES In the product is divided into 3 types which each type has a model that is not the same but have similar functions. The first product is FUJITA ECO-FT220, where these products are a series of home elevators ar